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Instead, though, what happened was Namino pretended to fall down in the shower and then called for the Captain to help her. No, I’m not talking about Namino’s nude body [we’ve seen enough naked Mazone! Yes, when he takes off his cape and puts it over Namino we are introduced to a fine, graceful cygnean* neck. Namino tries to figure out Harlock’s motivation in fighting the Mazone.

There is no way I could do justice to what he gives as a response, because even if I wrote it all down verbatim, you would still miss the tones of the voice and the actions that go with it.

It was created by Tochiro Oyama before his death, while uploading his consciousness into the Arcadia's main computer when near the end of his life, effectively making the Arcadia a cyborg and a living ship.

The only people who know of this are Harlock, Miime, and Bird.

Look at how he grins and smiles when she conveys her suspicions. What’s even more interesting is the words Harlock uses to cap this outrageous “let the secret agent loose on our ship, it’s cool” strategy. We don’t have anything to hide from the likes of her,” then he comes near her and adds: “Right?

Some series even reveal that the ship was named after the Harlock Family's estate.

The price for the 5,000-limited watch is 39,000 yen (about US0).

Here is a pretty ass-kickin’ trailer for Toei Animation’s CGI update of Leiji Matsumoto’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

For those of you unaware (like me before writing this review), Space Pirate Captain Harlock is a reboot of a seventies manga and anime about a moody pirate captain and his eclectic crew flying around in space.

What sets this reboot apart from its original incarnations is a massive budget, as well as an ultra-realistic art style that contrasts with the more stylized look of the original.