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As it turns out, block printing on tea towels is also pretty easy and inexpensive to do. For a true block print, get thee to the Martha Stewart website and follow the detailed step-by-step.You can also download free templates for this shadowy neutral-on-neutral design.(Which helps fuel an often-bitter rivalry.) At times, who exactly is supposed to develop bomb- and mine-fighting gear has been a blurry question, as well.The Counter-IED Task Force is now supposed to be in charge. There are several legitimate concerns with the mine rollers that I am not going to mention here.And it won’t be no pansy staged Love-and-Hip Hop-Real-Housewives-Bad-Girls Club type fight.No, I will black out and whoop your ass like I’m from the projects.

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Their elixir, Chartreuse, comes in two varieties, green and yellow.The contraptions are called mine rollers — sets of wheels mounted in front of a vehicle, basically.When they roll over a mine or a pressure-activated IED, the wheels trigger the bomb.Because the vehicle is some distance behind the rollers, much of the bomb blast wave does not reach the vehicle, dramatically reducing the damage. The Marine Corps just bought 150 sets from General Dynamics, according to . So you might wonder why it took the military more than 3 years to put the rollers up.In fact, the idea of a mine roller originated in 1918, to help nascent tanks deal with the anti-tank mines of that era., I couldn’t find any sort of history on it, but it’s an oldie, dating to at least 1930, and is probably older than that.