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Updating server data html without refresh

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The result is a page that regularly updates to reflect changes made to a server side file.

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Are there any existing javascript libs that handle this or it there a good book that covers this sort of thing. Notice the actual html is update when the section is changed as well as the url while maintaining a smooth transition with no visible page refresh. Also if anyone sees any downside to using this approach I am all ears. It's a newer technology which most of the newest browsers (internet explorer excluded : P) support.

The big disadvantage of this technique is the whole page is reloaded.

It is likely that only a small portion of the page will actually change.

Basicly it alters the adressbar through javascript. Usually you'd do this through the hash for example.

The latest project that I've used this technology I've used a js plugin called whcih can determine if your browser supports Push State or not.